Have you seen the new feature in WordPress – WordPress Auto Update? You no longer need to manually update your WordPress installation, now it is now done automatically. Good or bad, is debatable but I think it is a great feature and makes it easier for many users. But all web administrators do not agree, and it can cause problems in some situations.

What do you think of the new feature WordPress Auto Update?

Cloudways presents a fantastic Infographic in their post – WordPress Auto Update Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC] and you can read all about this particular feature in an awesome way on their website. We included the Infographic on our blog, but if you want to read more on Cloudways you can click the link below the Infographic.

WordPress Auto Update Cheat Sheet WordPress Auto Update Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Source –¬†Cloudways –¬†WordPress Auto Update Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]