It will be a rare occasion nowadays if some of us do not have a computer at home. We all are the people of the technological world. Work, study, watching movies or any other entertainment are connected with the computer. We spend a big amount of our time in front of that screen.

Usually we may say about the person just after having a little talk with him, his appearance and body language can tell us a lot from the psychological point of view. And it is really interesting, to know the person by the things he uses. What thing can tell us everything about the individual? His home, of course. While visiting your friends or even watching the computers of your co-workers, you see different themes. Yes, we choose the picture we like and put it on the desktop, sometimes even not pondering over that it may tell the people around us a lot about our personality.

What secrets can reveal your computer scheme

Some specialists consider the computer theme not a very important thing as the computer is intended to work on, but they are wrong. The theme can help us to relax or feel positive any time we feel tired or sad. If you want to find out the emotions a person experiences at the moment or his inner world, just have a look at his desktop.

Well, yes, we can generalize that men as a rule choose the pictures of cars or motorcycles, or gorgeous blondes; and women chose flowers, or any product of jewelry, or maybe a picture of the pink car. Nevertheless, though it is common, still it has its meaning.

They say, you should choose your computer scheme taking into consideration your psychological state, then it will help you to work effectively. What can tell us the computer theme about its owner?

Colorful themes say about the lack of positive emotions in the life of a person. The absence of them in the real life they compensate with the pictures on their computers.

Those who choose the pictures animals as a theme may obsess the features of the chosen animal. If there is an animal showing any sign of attack (fangs, for example), the person may have the latent aggressiveness.

What Secrets can Reveal your Computer Scheme

If there are themes connected with the nature, you may state that such a person seeks for privacy, at least virtually. Such pictures may tell you that the person prefers to spend time by himself. They also help to restore your moral forces.

And those people who have the themes with pictures of their own have a low, or on the contrary, high self-esteem. They want to show via such themes that they want to be the leaders.

So, as we see, the computer themes may be the great instrument of psychoanalysis. They can show the developments we had experienced, our mood and our psychological state. Thus, they can say a lot about the fate of a certain person.

The psychologists advise us to choose the themes that are positive and raise our mood. Let make our life positive!

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