Ask yourself one question – would you like to wait for a page to load then why do you expect your viewers to wait for you? If your time is important then the same thing applies to them also. Nobody likes to wait and when there are other options then moving on seems to be the best option. If you are providing rich content backed up by powerful promotion of your site then it is obvious that you will be getting high traffic and you should be ready for that. It might not happen that as soon as the traffic increases for your site for reference or enrich themselves with the knowledge that you are providing, the slow speed of your site prove to be a hindrance.

Solutions to speed up your WordPress BlogsYou have few seconds before the viewer walks away from your site due to the slow uploading so try out new ways of speeding up your blog so that the viewers get all the information at the blink of their eye. You must be using WordPress because it provides you with the scope of customization and also maintain high speed. So, why not take the advantage? Here are some easy ways and solutions to speed up your blog!

  1. Fast loading theme – You might get various options for choosing theme for your site but the main thing that you should remember while choosing your theme is that how fast it loads. Don’t just go for style because though it is important but not more than speed therefore if you have to choose between one of them then you should choose the later. Checking the speed is a good idea before you invest in them and you have different tools available in the market for this.
  2. Good hosting provider – Selection of the perfect hosting provider is the key because then only you will get lesser server downtime, good upload and less bad reviews. There are several Web hosting forum where you will get the information about which host will be the best option for you.
  3. Updated plugins – Most of the time we ignore the update now button but it might prove detrimental to our site in the long run. We must always keep updating the plugins whenever it asks us to do so. Updated blog not helps you in enjoying the latest version of WordPress but it also fights the malware and keeps the site protected.
  4. Scaling the images – Which is more important – image or content? First decide on that because if your high resolution image is slowing down the speed and you are losing out on viewers then what’s the use of having those images. You can keep the images on the page by scaling down so that it enhances the site rather than disturbing it.
  5. Removing spam – Optimized MySQL database helps in increasing the speed of the page and the best plugin will help to remove the spam and deleted comments, run the optimization queries and also performs other functions.
  6. Taking advantage of CSS Sprites – It is a simple technique where multiple images are combined into a single file containing all the information. It helps in saving bandwidth thus helping in increasing speed.
  7. Content Delivery Network (CDN)– CDN serves static files from the closest possible place thus boosting the speed of any website. It not only stores your files but also distributes it all throughout the world.

It will be hugely beneficial to get your WordPress blogs accelerated due to the cut throat competition that prevails online and SEO India Agency is believed to provide the best solutions.

This article 7 Useful Solutions to Expedite WordPress Blogs is written by the Ravi Gupta.